Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A View of No Brains On Drugs

One more rocket scientist story for you.

I've told you all about my adventures with crazy ass seven month old kitten since he turned on the cute and got me to adopt him. Just last night he almost wrecked my bedroom (again) when he got hung up in the handle of a shopping bag and got stuck under my bed trying to get free. When I got him out, the first thing he did was try to dive back in the bag. He's hyper as hell. In one post, I even joked about getting him a catnip bong.

Well, a genius in Nebraska, fed up with the antics of his kitten fired up a homemade bong. With the cat in it. To "calm it down." Says he's done it several times because she was "high strung."

Acea Schomaker has been charged with drug possession and could be charged with animal cruelty. Shadow the kitten is in the custody of the local animal control office and is doing fine.

More later, and just say no folks. Cats too.



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