Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A View of Another Empty Vessel

So this morning, I did something rare - I got out the door early enough to guarantee I'd get to work before 9:00. The drive into work was very smooth - no traffic, hit almost all green lights, I even gained time as I made my normally 30 minute commute. When I pulled into the garage, I got a really good parking spot. This day is going to be good, I thought.

I made my toast, poured a cup of coffee, made some somewhat clever small talk with my co-workers, and walked into my office. Hanging up my coat, I started to get out my keys so I could unlock my desk and get out my laptop, but got distracted for a brief second when one of my co-workers stopped to say hello. The sun was shining, the coffee smelled good, the toast was warm and had just the right amount of butter. This day is going to be great, I thought.

I pulled out my keys to unlock my desk and...

"Well this is just great."

I put on my coat, put my toast in a napkin, left the coffee behind because the cup was too big to fit in my car's cupholder, and hoped the drive back home would be as smooth as the drive into the office.

Lesson of the day: Either double check to make sure you aren't taking your spare keys to work with you, or make copies of every key you have.

More later, after I remember what it was I was going to write about next.



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