Friday, July 21, 2006

A View Of The Light And The Heat

This piece titled "Lust" is by Simeon Solomon, a British artist with an interest in pre-Raphaelite work. Learn more about the artist by clicking the picture.

It's been a long time, but I'm back and I simply can't contain myself. The urge to blog has me swept away with desire. Lust and desire (or lack thereof in one case) is the dominant theme of these items I came across as I surfed today. Get ready for the rush, but remember that just because you think you can take the heat doesn't necessarily mean you should hang out in the kitchen.
  • Just because you teach a kid the facts of life, that doesn't mean they're going to rush out and try some independent study. Reuters reported today that Texas researchers have proof teaching sex education to adolescents may encourage them to delay sexual activity until after high school.
  • Just because a society is open about sexuality, that doesn't mean they want everything to be sexy, as this article points out. Seems that New Zealanders have had their fill of Samantha Jones.
  • Just because you're a Christian conservative, that doesn't mean that you can't reach out and touch someone when the mood strikes. Dubya just could not keep his hands off that Teutonic Titwillow (click on the link if you don't get the reference), Angela Merkel. Hope Condoleeza doesn't have a jealous streak. There's even a link to a video clip if you're into presidential groping.
  • Just because you're a genius, that doesn't mean you don't like to get your groove on. Turns out Albert Einstein was a mack daddy in his day, with more than half a dozen girlfriends along with his wife. I wonder what the formula for not seeing nothing wrong with a little bump and grind is....
  • Just because you might like a bite on the neck, that doesn't mean that it's okay to nibble on nubile underage flesh, as this Goth guy from New York found out recently. He's on trial for using a vampire-related Internet site to procure young girls. Remember folks, Anne Rice's stories were fiction - she didn't mean for anyone underage to act out her stories.
  • Just because you're at the forefront of a movement to obtain equal rights and protections for all, that doesn't mean that you'll live up to all the expectations. One of the couples who were part of the landmark case to legalize gay marriage in Massachusetts have separated. According to a spokeswoman for the couple said the couple, "are living amicably apart...The plaintiff couple in this case are real people with real lives. They're not immune from life's ups and downs...Certainly over the course of time there will be same sex couples that separate just as happens in other marriages." They are also seeking privacy during this time for the sake of their daughter. Let's hope they are given the courtesy and care they deserve and that people aren't quick to use this as an example as to why gay marriages should be banned. I wish them good luck and all due strength.
  • Just because a couple is living together, that doesn't mean they are breaking the law. That's the ruling from a state Supreme Court judge in North Carolina, who struck down the state's 201-year-old law banning co-habitation. Relationships are hard enough for people to manage individually. It's good to see that governments are slowly but surely learning to stay out of the bedrooms of consenting adults. Here's hoping the law will come around and allow consenting adults of all orientations the same courtesy, and soon.
  • Just because you're a child star mature beyond your years, that doesn't mean you're mature enough to do a rape scene in your next movie. At least that's the debate going through the media now about Dakota Fanning's next film. The 12-year-old's next movie contains what's been described as a "graphic scene," by some and "tastefully done," by others. This clip from CNN examines the controversy, even though they do go over the top when the caption "rape = Oscar?" appears on the screen. As for my view, it's hard to say how the scene will play without seeing it, but I have to assume she or her family would not have allowed the scene if it was too much for her to handle. Time will tell.
  • Just because you're thin, that doesn't mean you can't be too thin. Another clip on the CNN site asks you to choose - bone thin or bootylicious? I'm going to have to choose very soon. I visited my doctor yesterday and was told that I needed to lose a lot of the junk in my trunk. Now. Or else risk developing diabetes or hypertension. Guess that song was right - you can have too much booty in the pants. (Click on the link, then select the first song if you dare. Can you believe there's actually enough booty music out there for a compilation album? Who knew?) All things considered, I'd rather have too much than too little. Some of the actresses they show in this clip are frighteningly thin. The eye opener is when it's revealed that Nicole Kidman covets JLo's body.

Why do we all crave what we can't have? Lust and desire are funny like that.

Speaking of desire, this will have to hold you until early next week because yours truly has a guest coming in town this weekend. Remember a while back when I was ruminating over the Prince Charming and Toad paradox? Turns out my prospect is definitely not a toad and leaning toward scales toward the Prince Charming side of the spectrum. If you look at the comments for that post, you'll get a flavor of what he's like. There's only one catch right now - PC to be is in PA and yours truly is down in Motown. Just because you find satisfaction, that doesn't mean you can have what you want when you want it.

Relationships, like lust and desire are funny like that. More to come later, after a weekend of light and heat.


Blogger Chuck said...

Interesting that you mentioned Einstein. I recently read an article in the St. Paul Pioneer Press which referred to him. In fact, they were quoting from his journals. It seems that one of the "Girlfriends" (I didn't check the link, so I can't say if this particular one shows) was more STALKER. She followed him to England, for one thing. Today, we have laws against such stuff, but it simply doesn't make much difference when you can't prove intent to do harm.

Celebrities have the papparazi. Einstein had "Mrs. M". In the 50's, half of Hollywood had Joe McCarthy. Most anyone who has an Email address will have spammers.

It's all in the view.

8:21 AM  
Blogger TEM said...

Hey all,

I got a comment from Anonymous that said:

"If I say too much, I'm likely to get in trouble. So, it'll be brief: May it all work out. :)"

For some reason, when I went to comment moderation to publish it, it didn't post.

Anyway, thanks Anon for the good wishes, and you can't get into trouble for saying what you said. I am curious as to who you are though, so if you're reading this, let me know who you are. An inquiring TEM would love to know.

4:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I didn't want to say "Too Much". I do have a tendency to ramble on.

I've been spending too much time blogging, not enough cleaning. I've got to change that. The litter box needs emptying. (When you have a lot of cats, it fills up quickly!) I'm trying to find a good picture of one of them. I'll send it to you in the future.

11:42 PM  

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