Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A View Of The #2 Reason Why I Am An Atheist

Wouldn't it be funny if Dan Brown was right?

Because of the misogynistic tendencies of organized religion. I have never been able to grasp the concept of women not being able to serve in leadership positions simply because of gender. It's an ongoing struggle that seems to be having major impacts on the course of religion and worship, according to an article I found on the Newsweek website. Women make up 61% of all Americans who attend church, the article states, but many are unable to take leadership roles because of the stance of their denominations. Moreover, 112 million Americans belong to denominations that don't ordain women. If you are a female Catholic, Eastern Orthodox Christian, Southern Baptist, Mormon, Muslim, or an Orthodox Jew, you better be content to sit quietly and not disturb the men. Check out this chart on the Beliefnet website for a breakdown of the status of women of the cloth in several denominations. I would think that a god who created all and loves all of his or her creations would want them all to have equal access and autonomy.

To paraphrase Groucho Marx, I don't want to belong to a club that requires me to have a penis in order to be a leader. Or even be heard.

More to come later, but not before this brief announcement about comments. Because I've had three experiences with comment spammers, comment posting has changed. Feel free to submit your comments, but note that I've added comment moderation to my blog. If your comments, positive or negative, have merit I will post them. If your comments are just a waste of space, I'll delete them before they can be seen. If the spammers go away, I'll go back to free comment posting as before. I may not believe in a god, but I am the god of the VFTT site.

It's good to be da deity.


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