Monday, July 03, 2006

A View Of We Know Where We're Going, But We Don't Know Where We've Been

It's a very slow day at work for me. Surfing the net is keeping me entertained, though. Had this been a typical day and not the Monday before a holiday, I would not have found a perfect illustration of irony on the MSNBC website. (This is also in the July 3-10 issue of Newsweek.)

Seems we Americans can't stand the idea of $3 a gallon gas, but a growing number of us will think nothing of driving 90 minutes or more daily to work so we can own a big house and a big yard, preferably outside of the big, bad city.

Don't leave me stranded here. I can't get used to this lifestyle.

More to come later. After I fuel up and you click on the picture to see who actually said that last quote.


Blogger Bygbaby said...

You know the price of gas has my ass on lock down like a mutha. I have been limiting my trips to Detroit big time. Ususally for the taste fest, I am there everyday but this year, I only made the trip once & that was Friday.

Holla @ me,

PS we need (or I need) to talk about WDET email me.

1:13 AM  

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