Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A View Of Our Worst Fear

I interrupt normal posting for this very important plea:

You may have seen reports in the news that the Bush administration may be planning a nuclear attack against Iran. This is alarming. A strong statement of opposition from the American public before that idea becomes credible is important. Please sign's petition against nuclear attack and then alert your friends, family and colleagues by asking them to sign the petition:

It scares me to think that this idea is being seriously entertained by the current administration. The last "pre-emptive" strike has led to chaos in the Middle East, skyrocketing gas prices, and thousands of lives unnecessarily lost lives. This "pre-emptive" strike could lead to the total destruction of society as we know it. If you haven't felt the need to get involved before, this certainly should make you want to get involved now. Your life and the lives of your loved ones could depend on it.

Thank you.

The following observation just came in for you to consider:

This also insures the proliferation of nuclear weapons (and most likely nuclear war) all over the world. Like it says in the article below most nations will think---and rightly so---that nukes will put them in the "safe circle" of nations. Because as the Bush gang sees it, the threat of thousands of instantly fried Americans could lose votes...and oh yeah, it would kill a lot of people too. But all other humans are fair game. We need to sign the petition and finally send a message to Congress with the next round of elections.

Thank you for that insightful commentary, Richard. We can't sit still and let this happen, folks.

Act now. Act often. Act.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled posting.


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