Monday, April 03, 2006

A View Of Prince Charming, Part 1

As I've mentioned in several of my previous posts, I am a divorcee who's still in search of Mr. Right (aka: Prince Charming). While I know he's out there somewhere, I'm hoping that he realizes I'm looking for him. Still.

Anyway, I'm not alone in my search. A post on a favorite blog, "Urban Journalista," let me know that the struggle continues for many of us out there and to never settle. I also found this strip on the "Rhymes With Orange" website to help me out when (if?) I ever go out on another date:

Be sure to click on the link listed above or on the picture to check out more "Rhymes With Orange."

I received an article from a family friend that says the chances of me and the rest of my fellow African-American sisters out here finding our own Mr. Right are slim to none. I'll share that article with you in my next post, along with some of my more recent dating stories. While the stories have an "Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here" tone to them, there's a lot of learning and validation, too.

Once you get past the initial cringing, that is. More to come.


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