Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A View Of Paper Covers Rock

Have you ever seen something in a store or on T.V. so simple and so profitable that the first thing that pops into your head is, "Why didn't I think of that?" We all have. I did a few months ago while I was watching a Scrabble championship I happened to stumble across on ESPN. I figured that if a Scrabble tournament could hold enough people's attention to get airtime, then why not something like a Rock-Paper-Scissors league?

There would be the drama of two competitors locked in battle eye to eye as they strategized and sized up each other. Is he a rock man? Does she stick with scissors? There would be the thrill of the victory - a man conquering rock with paper, or a woman safely running with her scissors from the adrenaline rush of cutting her competitor's paper. There also would be the agony of defeat - a warrior crushed in battle, destroyed by the fact that his scissors were vanquished by rock, or forced to leave the playing field because of a broken nail or, even worse, a career ending carpel tunnel injury. It would be a sport where the sexes could compete on an even playing field. It would be a sport with the promise of endorsement contracts from Fiskars, Georgia Pacific, or quarries from glamorous locations around the world.

I never followed up on my idea because, well, nobody else would understand the appeal, right?


Had I followed my dream, I could've been at the vanguard of a new movement. Someone took the idea of a R-P-S league and developed it into a thriving sport. Alas, I won't be driving force behind the world's newest sporting thrill. There will be no place for me in the Rock-Paper-Scissors Hall of Fame - located on the rim of the Grand Canyon, of course.

But you, dear readers, can take comfort in knowing what I know. I thought of it first. I was just too scared to take my scissors and run with them.

It's okay, though. This is only encouraging me to work on my other dream. Who wants to get in on the first level of a worldwide Duck-Duck-Goose league?

More to come later.


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