Saturday, March 25, 2006

A View Of The Ingredients For A Great Saturday

If you want to have a great Saturday, you need to have the following ingredients:

1) The ability to sleep in later than normal. Check. I normally get up around 7:00 a.m. Today, I rose about 9:30.

2) A chance to lounge a bit and take it easy before getting the day started. Check. I didn't really start preparing for the day until about 10:35 because I spent a little silly time with my mom and sister while my mom watched The Rosary Murders (again) and my sis tried to get out of watching it. Again. Unsuccessfully.

3) Taking part in something you really love. Check. I had to attend an orientation session for volunteers working the upcoming pledge drive at WDET-FM, my favorite local radio station, and caught up with some good friends that I met through the station in the process. We still need help during the Spring campaign which starts March 31st and ends April 13th. Interested? Click on this link for more information. You'll meet some of the best people in the Metro Detroit area and support a really good cause - Detroit Public Radio - simultaneously.

4) Time to hang out with some really cool friends. Make new ones if possible. Check and check again. After orientation a few of us went over to the Cass Cafe for a bite to eat. It's a nice place for a quick meal, a good drink, a view of the local art scene, and all sorts of cool people. While I was there, we made friends with a local writer and fellow blogger. We had a really good time. I didn't want to leave, but it was to move next item on the list.

5) An opportunity to learn something new. Check. I went to my cousin Richard's studio after I left my friends. Richard is the one who did the lovely picture of me on this blog and he's working on a new group of pieces. One is of me sewing, one is a self portrait, another is a large scale painting of one his close friends and her father. We watched some really good films that I hadn't seen before (The Harder They Come, Night of the Hunter, along with portions of Being There and Gattaca), talked about everything under the sun, and had some really good laughs. His friend and studio mate Anthony showed up about an hour after I got there and added to the fun. This portion of the day was a nice combo learning something new and being with good friends. This qualifies as a bonus check.

6) Spend some quality time alone. Check. I didn't leave the studio until just before 9:00. When I left I was hungry, so I drove up Woodward into Royal Oak for a late dinner (which could've been better) at a local restaurant which shall remain nameless and a double caramel mocha at my favorite coffeehouse, Sweetwaters Cafe, which could not have been better. I read a little (I'll tell you about the book in a later post because it's too fascinating a read for a quick mention) and did a bit of people watching as I walked through the city's main drag, and called it a night, but not before I did the last two things on the list.

7) Get a little love and share a little love. A fuzzy, little check. The first thing I did when I came home? Gave my two favorite cats a scritch on the head and enjoyed them as one circled the monitor and the other circled my feet as I typed this post.

8) Reflect on all you've experienced and give thanks for the positive. Check by way of this blog. It truly was a wonderful day full of love and life. Hope your Saturday was a perfect as mine. Thanks to (in order of appearance) Mom, Deb, Suzy, Tracey, Beth, Kenn, William, Richard, Anthony, and the Fuzzy Bunch for being part of it.

More to come later.


Anonymous ldmorris said...

the pleasure was all mine.
love you,

12:50 AM  

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