Friday, March 24, 2006

A View Of Subversion With A Snappy Beat

As I was blog surfing yesterday, I came across a site called "REVOLVED." Some really clever folks took the Beatles "Revolver" album (one of my all time favorite albums) and mixed it with all sorts of various other cuts to come up with a very cool set of tunes.

I sent the link to my friends for them to check out. Points for coolness. Unfortunately, when I compared the music on the site to the "Grey Album" that was out a while back (the one that combined the Beatles "White Album" with Jay-Z's "The Black Album"), I said that Modest Mouse did "Grey."

Whoops. Minutes after I hit the send key, I realized I goofed. It was DJ Danger Mouse. Coolness points revoked. I've got 99 problems, getting the artist right is one.

Anyway, I get to redeem myself with this post. Check out REVOLVED before the meanies at BMI take the fun away.

Enjoy. More to come later.


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