Sunday, March 19, 2006

A View of the Fuzzy Bunch

Aren't they just precious?

This is the Fuzzy Bunch, the two cats who allow me to provide them room and board. The one on the left is Peppy. I call her the aging diva because she's 11 years old and is still as beautiful as she can be. She demands to be petted, knows how to use her looks to her advantage when she's in trouble and behaves like the queen she'll tell you she is. The one on the right is Bucky, named for the cat in "Get Fuzzy" before I found out she was a girl. She's a bit more timid and wide eyed, but loves attention on her terms. You can pet her, but only when she wants you to and only for a short period of time. Picking her up is not an option, but a good tummy rub is always a possibility. She's about four years old.

Both of them were strays who adopted me. Peppy followed me home from a summer festival when she was about three months old and wouldn't leave. Bucky was about six months old when she wandered into my yard and literally made herself at home. The two of them get along as well as you can expect an aging diva and a young upstart to relate to each other. Some days they are the best of buddies. Other days, it's like a feline version of "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane."

I wouldn't trade them for anything. Who could resist those faces?


Anonymous K. Fite said...

Hey I've met those very same cats. Tracey, this is a great blogger. I will visit often. I may even do a blogger. See how you inspire people :)). Right now, I'm watching journalist Helen Thomas BLAST President Bush on CNN. Bush finally called on her at his press conference.

7:38 PM  

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