Monday, March 23, 2009

A View of Diversity

There is one show on TV that has been diverse and inclusive for the entire duration of its run. A show that's truly color blind and open to any person no matter the physical, mental, or emotional challenge he or she may face.

That show is Sesame Street.

The people and Muppets there are welcoming to all, no matter what race, creed, color, fur, fuzz, or feather. Everyone's welcome and everyone's accepted.

Still, there are secrets about the Muppets that had to be told. How come Count von Count no longer has the power to hypnotize and stun people? Was Elmo really just a layabout until the early '80s? What is the Swedish Chef's real name? Which Muppet can not only beatbox, but does a really good Little Richard impression? You can find out these stories and more in this article.

You can also find out the truth about Grover's shocking cosmetic surgery, but if you want to know why Grover is bitter, you have to go here.

More later, after I get through reading about the original Street Gang.

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