Sunday, May 21, 2006

A View Of The Views From The Web

I was going to write a brilliant, humorous, tear-jerking post this weekend. Really. But the TEM partied last night. Hard. So hard the monitor is too friggin' bright to look at for a long period of time. Therefore, I invite you to check out some of my favorite blogs listed under "The Views From The Web."

Please note: If you want to check out any of these recommended blogs, go over to the "Views" list and click the link there. I'm too damn lazy today to embed links.

If you want to catch up on news and world events, you'll be interested in NPR, CNN, and Anderson Cooper's 360 blog. If you want to get your celebrity gossip fix with a twist, think Pink Is The New Blog - the best out there in my totally biased point of view, though USA Today's Pop Candy is a close second. If you like autobiographical observational blogs with a touch of humor (the tone I hope my blog sets), click on the links to Random Thoughts of a Restless Mind, Exact Approximations, and The Company Bitch. If you, like me, appreciate observational, humor and news blogs with African American flavor, then the K Chronicles, Candorville, The Black Commentator, Urban Journalista, and Bygbaby's Mind Spill are the ones to go to first. If music is your passion, then stop by Radio Paradise - it's free form, commercial free, interactive - there's nothing like it anywhere. You also must go to the Official Site of Billie Holiday. All modern music begins and ends with Billie - know that for a fact. Finally if you need a good laugh, then click on the links to the Comics curmudgeon, Drink At Work, My Jokes and Funny Stories, and The Official Site of Grant Miller and be prepared to laugh until you hurt.

Read one, read all. Laugh. Cry. Learn. Share.

More to come later. Once my damn hair stops hurting.


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