Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A View of the Reboot

If you aren't down with Pearls Before Swine, you should be. It's comedy gold.

It's been a while. Over two years as a matter of fact. I hadn't planned on abandoning my blog, but it happened. Why?

At first, I just ran short of time to post entries. Then I got embarrassed because it had been so long since I posted. Then I got involved with a man - ended up getting married, something I vowed I'd never do. Big mistake - making a long story very short, I picked the wrong man and got divorced about six months later. (Long story coming later - trust me.)

I never gave up on returning to the blog, I just didn't know where to begin. After letting it go for years, there just seemed so much to say. I had no idea how to start over. Well today, I got my way to start over.

One of the sites I enjoy visiting is USAToday's Pop Candy blog by Whitney Matheson. Everyday, she picks a reader to feature - her Reader of the Day. Today, she picked me - quite the honor, don't you think? Being featured in a national publication is more than the catalyst I need to restart my blog and start writing again. So here we go again. I've freshened up the e-mail address and will clean up the place as the days go on. I'm sure there are dead links and old references all through this site that need to be cleaned up.

Let's start with two links that will give you an idea of what's been up with me in the absence. The first is a link to an article that ran about my mom and I in the Detroit Free Press last year about life in Detroit during and after the 1967 riots. (Yes, my living room is crazy orange too.) The other is a link to DRIS, the Detroit Radio Information Service, where I work as a volunteer reader for the blind. The service and my work there helped keep me sane when things got ugly over the past couple of years. Check them out, and make a donation if you feel inclined. Better yet, consider volunteering time to a local service or group to which you or your family feel a connection. It will help others and help you at the same time.

Peace to all the readers. It's good to be back.

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Blogger Tyroc said...

hey I feel your pain on how hard it is to blog...I'm feeling guilty because I haven't done anything on mine this week...

welcome back and keep it going, I like your writing's sassy.

and I enjoy POP CANDY, too...and I forgive you for hating on WEST SIDE STORY...barely

6:01 PM  

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